Harvest has been crazy with lots of 12 hour plus days in the vineyard and in the winery. Despite the early season maladies of mildew and oidium the fruit is in very good condition. The low yields, down 25 to 50% across my parcels, has contributed to some really dense flavours and thick skins which should give the wines some longevity.

One thing I am a big believer in is pre-harvest triage. Getting on top of any rot pressure in the vineyard allows me to wait until optimal ripeness. Again, like last year, I am one of the last to pick in my Aux Fournaux parcel. There is only my vineyard neighbour, Chandon de Brailles, and I left. Personally I think we will be rewarded for patience as the skin and seed tannins have only just gotten ripe. One advantage of being small is I can pick for optimal maturity. If you need a big team of pickers, once you start you can’t really stop as you will lose your team to other vignerons, either here or to other regions. So you may have to pick some vineyards a bit early or a bit late. I may moan about my high cuverie rental costs relative to the amount of wine I make but getting too big introduces a whole set of problems like this that I would avoid making remaining as a nano-négociant.

Tomorrow we will bring in our Savigny blanc and rouge. The blanc is way down on last year. The two vineyards I take my blanc from gave my five barrels last year. I think we will be lucky to get three. As with the rouge, flavours are very concentrated with very zippy acidity. Should make a cracking Savigny. The pressure to deliver is on!

Location:Rue des Fatains,Savigny-lès-Beaune,France

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