After pressing the Savigny-lès-Beaune “Aux Fourneaux” Pinot Noir on Wednesday, I settled the wine in tank for a few days to ensure only the tastiest (and lightest) lies made it into barrel. Barreling straight from the press doesn’t allow you to select how much or what type of lies makes it into the wine for ageing. In a year like this where I want to emphasise the freshness I only want the finest lies; one to ensure that any remaining sugar gets gobbled up in barrel (as lies are dead yeast cells) and two, I am not looking for broadness that more lies contact can give in a year like 2011, which for me, is all about freshness and verve.

Once the fine lies were selected, I then sent the wine to barrel which filled just (and I mean just, only litres to spare!) six pièces (Burgundian term for a 228L barrel). I was very lucky to be able to buy some second hand barrels from a famous domaine in the Côte de Nuits to complement my one new barrel from Stephané Chassin which you can see me filling above. After seeing the wine from berry through ferment I decided on a program of one new barrel, one barrel that had wine in it for one vintage, three that had been used twice and one that had been used three times. Hopefully this is the right decision but I am erring on the side of less-is-more with regards to oak in the 2011 vintage.

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