With the cooler weather we have been having we have a great opportunity to let the grapes hang and really develop some killer complexity. The problem? Grapes with mounting sugars are more at risk day by day from pourriture (rot). So we went into Pinot vineyard where a small amount of rot has developed to cut it out, open up the canopy and create the best conditions possible. The time spent in the vineyard is always paid back ten fold in the winery. A winemaker can only make a wine as good as the grapes!

As we are approaching ripeness, I am now also taking pH and Titratable Acidity readings. The progress of pH and Titratable Acidity, for me, is a much better sign of grape maturity than sugars.

Today’s numbers: –

Aux Fourneaux (Rouge) – 11.0 º Potential Alcohol, pH 3.00, TA 5.6
Dessus Les Vermots (Blanc) – 11.5 º Potential Alcohol, pH 2.99, TA 5.3
Les Gollardes (Blanc) – 11.4 º Potential Alcohol, pH 3.00, TA 5.5
Les Saucours (Blanc) – 11.2 º Potential Alcohol, pH 3.01, TA 5.2

Looking good! Maybe Monday (5th) for the whites, mid to late next (7-10th) for the red? If this great weather continues, sure!


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