At this time of year the direction of where the weather is coming from is all important. With grapes ripening, we love it when it comes from the North, which bring cool and dry winds with mid 20ºC temperatures. If it comes from the South however, it is accompanied by hotter days (late twenties – early thirties degrees Celcius) and high humidity — a recipe for thunderstorms and unsettled weather. Last night saw a pretty spectacular lightning display and thunderstorms could continue until Saturday morning when the North winds are due to return.

This is a danger period for pourriture (rot) as sugars are quite high now and so we have to hope this humid & unsettled spell is short and sweet and the North winds blow soon. Otherwise we will be hard at work on the sorting table this year to make sure no rot makes it into the tank.

Send all your weather wishes Burgundy way, please!

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