With vintage approaching fast — somewhere between two and three weeks away, I am putting the final pieces together on my cuverie. I have been extraordinarily lucky to secure this space in Savigny-lès-Beaune. Suitable winery space doesn’t come available very often and under French law there are obstacles to sharing space with other winemakers so it was a challenge indeed. This space used to be part of Domaine Christian Plait, whose last vintage was 1999, and has since only been used as a garage and storage space.

It is the perfect amount of space, as you can see, for a nano-négoce set up like mine — more than enough space to do my ~ 8 barrels of red and ~ 8 barrels of white. I am incredibly lucky to have great friends like Hilde & Gilles, who have converted the domaine into a lovely chambres d’hôte (Chez Gilles et Hilde) and rent part of the old cuverie space to me.

To the left are my barrels for my Savigny-lès-Beaune Pinot Noir — a mixture of once, twice and three times filled Tonnellerie Remond barrels, a couple of three times filled Tonnellerie Rousseaus that I managed to acquire from a couple of incredible domaines that I look up to in the Côte de Nuits. I am still awaiting delivery of my new Chassin barrel which will arrive first week of September. Based on the current crop, assuming there is not a lot of sorting to be done, I should have enough grapes for about 8-9 barrels of Pinot Noir. Eagle eyed among you probably notice that I have more barrels than that. For me, an extension of Patrick Bize’s mantra of “when you see the vines, you see the wine” is that one shouldn’t be rigid in vinification as well. These extra barrels will give me room to manoeuvre for the wine’s élevage.

For my white program, I have a mixture of once and twice filled Tonnellerie Damy barrels, a new Damy barrel (with wood from the Vosges forest) and some three times filled Tonnellerie François Frères. I was planning to have three-times filled Tonellerie Minier barrels but that deal fell through. I am not a massive fan of Françcois Frères when they are new (too aggressive) but older ones are fine as they are by then just a neutral storage medium and the domaine I purchased them from is well respected. So exciting!


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  1. Andreas says:

    That’s must be an awesome feeling. Makes me want to start making wine. Super inspiring – thanks.

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