I now almost have all my barrels in the cuverie ready for harvest and I am especially excited about Tonnellerie Damy making up the heart of my white wine program. Having worked with Damy barrels at Felton Road, Peregrine Wines, Coldstream Hills and also at Domaine Simon Bize, I have always been a big fan.

I have a mixture of once filled and twice filled barrels and a new Medium Long Toasted barrel with wood from the Vosges forest (top left barrel in the photo). The long toast, like Chassin’s finesse toasting, transforms more of the wood lactones and lignins into the subtle spicy/sweet aroma compounds that I love and is a key character of Damy for me. Damy also gives a lovely delicate broadness to the mouthfeel while not taking away or obscuring the wine’s attack and length. While Damy is a much larger tonnellerie than Chassin or Minier, their commitment to artisanal cooperage techniques is very impressive and well worth a visit if you can arrange a tour.

I plan to use the new barrel on fruit from a plot I just secured for this vintage yesterday which I will blog about later today and the older barrels on my Dessus Les Vermots and Les Gollardes plots as I feel the tension that the terroir there produces will be best expressed in older barrels. Tomorrow I will take delivery of some four times filled Tonnellerie Jean-Noêl Minier barrels to round out my white wine barrel program. Everything is coming together nicely!


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