Finally we are getting some nice solid rain — just at the right time. Up until now it has been the driest spring since 1976 and with the vines three to four weeks ahead of schedule, it was beginning to worry me that the vines would be drawing too much on their carbohydrate reserves. Not only is that a problem for vintage 2011 but also it would be disastrous for 2012.

With this nice bit of rain and with more on the way the vines should be very happy. A bonus of lower temperatures (late teens – early twenties) as well means the fruit should ripen on a steadier pace with photosynthesis and sugar accumulation unhindered by water stress.

Every day I am reminded that that we are really just guests of nature and that each vintage is its own entity. It is on my shoulders to best represent the uniqueness of the vintage as well as the terroir. A lot of responsibility…


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